Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Farewell Korea

As the administrator of this food blog, I started with a couple of mom friends who were fellow expats in Seoul trying to figure out how to feed our families. I was the new kid in town and was really struggling a lot with a lot of things in my transition to Seoul. This blog idea was my attempt to pick myself up and stop cooking with the case of cream of mushroom soup from costco which had in no way been a part of my cooking back home.

Many of my friends from the beginning have already transitions out of Korea life and now it's my turn to join the ex-expats. What that means for the blog....well, I won't be posting any more recipes or any other info about where to find ingredients or yummy food to eat. Since I'm not on the ground in Seoul anymore, it means some of the links on the side bar may be come out of date or locations may change, but I won't be spending time doing the research to figure it out. My biggest secret is a through google search in english of what you're looking for and pay attention to dates of others postings. The other greatest thing is iherb. Make sure to get signed up for newsletters so you know when the shipping rates go down and the various discount promotions. Finding iherb has been a real life saver.

What I will leave is a few resturants we frequented in the past month of our time in Seoul.

Fell N Cole's new Hongdae location. I know they had moved the shop, but it wasn't until recently that I found the new location in Hongdae. Check their facebook page daily to see the flavors.

From Sangsu station, line 6 exit 1, walk maybe 5 minutes. Turn right at the Rolens watch and jewelry store and follow the alley way to the right and there you will find the new and improved Hongdae location. There's plenty of seating to enjoy your ice cream.

Cafe Mama's. I wouldn't call this a brunch place, more of a sandwich shop with salads. We found it pretty tasty. I will link to a couple of different blog posts, but be warned the directions to find it are terrible. It's become a franchise and there are locations all over the city. We stopped at the one near city hall, behind the seoul finance center and it had a long wait and then jumped up to one near Gwanghamun behind the US embassy which had a much shorter wait time. There was also one located right next to Fraser Place Hotel, Central Seoul.

We ordered paninis, sandwiches along with the famed ricotta salad. But be warned, it is not ricotta on the salad, but slices of cream cheese. It ended up not tasting bad and rather tasty but I wanted to let the owners know you could buy real riccota cheese at costco or just make your own! :)Which for the record, I finally made homemade ricotta before I left and it was so easy and delicious!

Look here, here , here for info and pictures.

Honey bowl is another brunch place in Hongdae. It was yummy. Look here for more info.

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